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Why Not Win? Releases Groundbreaking Graphic Novel by Dr. Dave Ketchen and Larry D. Thornton, Sr.

 Today marks the launch of the highly-anticipated graphic novel “You Have to Live…Why Not Win?,” an epic tale of adventure, bravery, and self-discovery.

Written by Dr. Dave Ketchen and Larry D. Thornton, “You Have to Live…Why Not Win?” follows Larry’s adventures from growing up poor and black in 1960s Alabama to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur and respected business leader. From his story, three pervasive themes emerge from Larry’s journey that will encourage all.

With stunning artwork by Dave Dodson and an engaging storyline, “You Have to Live…Why Not Win?” is a must-read for all. It appeals to readers of all ages and backgrounds, and is perfect for anyone loves a story of inspiration.

Co-founder and Executive Director of The Why Not Win Institute  Dr. Zillah Fluker is excited about the second iteration of the book and its message.

“We are thrilled about the release of ‘You Have to Live…Why Not Win?’ graphic novel, and excited about its potential to reach and inspire young people in K-12 education, particularly in grades 7-12,” Zillah said. “We are grateful to have Restoration Academy as a pilot partner school for this project, and we believe that Larry’s powerful story can have a positive impact on all who read it.” –

Larry stated that this new iteration of the Why Not Win? Series is a true labor of love and there are things for all to enjoy.

“We thought that adapting an approach to capturing the tenets of “Why Not Win” through an illustrated format might be meaningful to an audience of all ages,” Larry said.

Dave, co-author and Harbert Eminent Scholar in Management at Auburn University, has written three graphic novels in the past and felt that Larry’s story was a natural fit for the format because many of Larry’s life events are emotionally evocative in a way that words alone cannot fully capture.

“The earlier in life people can be reached with positive messages about working hard and relating hard, the better,” Dave said. “The main goal behind this book is offering ideas to young adults that will help them grow up to be winners. But older folks are loving the message as well.”

“You Have to Live…Why Not Win?” is now available for $19.95 online at


About the Why Not Win Institute

The Why Not Win Institute was founded in 2019 by Dr. Zillah Fluker and Larry D. Thornton. The Institute is an on-profit organization whose motto is “work hard, relate hard.” Building on this motto and guided by the core belief that we all can win in life, the institute helps individuals achieve excellence by delivering positive messages about personal accountability, relationship building, effective communication, and other important values. The institute develops and cultivates leaders among three main constituencies: corporations and business, colleges and universities and secondary schools (grades 7 through 12). To learn more about the Institute, please visit


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