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You Have to Live…Why Not Win? a graphic novel




You Have to Live…Why Not Win? is a book that follows the remarkable life of Larry D. Thornton, a successful entrepreneur and respected business leader who grew up poor and black in 1960s Alabama. Co-written by Dave Ketchen and Larry D. Thornton with illustrations by Dave Dodson, the book explores Larry’s journey from his humble beginnings to his eventual success, detailing both the agonizing and delightful moments of his life.

Through Larry’s experiences, the authors highlight three key themes that are essential to winning in life.

The authors uses Larry’s story to inspire readers and to convey the message that everyone has what it takes to win in life. By taking a determined approach to life’s challenges and investing in relationships, readers can achieve their goals and find success. You Have to Live…Why Not Win? is a book that is sure to motivate and inspire readers to achieve their full potential.

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